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If the government told you to go jump off a bridge, would you do it?

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Just watched Silk Road (

Not so sure which parts were true and which weren't.

The movie itself is very average.

Does anyone have a summary of which exact parts of the plot were changed from the real story?


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I hope that people don't take the things I say about the world as immutable fact, but rather as an opportunity to understand someone else's perspective on the world, to integrate that perspective and broaden understanding of complicated systems.

The best hope we have for understanding the world, is understanding that our perception of the world can only ever be, at its best, a flawed interpretation of "factual" reality.

We can only interpret our understanding of the world into a model of reality that we can comprehend and operate within.

This means that reality for some people can be unreality for others. One person's truth is another person's fiction. This doesn't make either person wrong, but rather is itself an aspect of individuality; we operate within our understanding of the world as it exists for us.

Building a better future, and building communities, means working with other people to collaborate on a mutually agreeable model of how the world works, and then working collectively within that model.

Theory of mind, yo.

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Protesting is useless.

There are no consequences to politicians.Ppl go to the street, vent, re-elect same crap w/ different name

Back In square hanging times Politicians fear the ppl

Now the only peaceful & effective activism is defanging them economically, optout via #Bitcoin
RT @aginnt
One of the largest protests in Vienna history today to stop their full lockdown and mandatory “get the jab or go to jail” law.

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So, the rules on Austria's vaccine mandate have just been released and basically if you don't get the jab they will send you to prison, including if you refuse booster shots.

The nonprofit American Accountability Foundation tweeted her case file and said, "Omarova has no respect for our laws, system of government, or our economy. But Biden wants to put her in charge of American banks."

Biden's Pick For Top Bank Regulator Has A Troubling Shoplifting Record | ZeroHedge

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RT @bitcoinmanor
👀 Is that storage for 2 @COLDCARDwallet in the bottom of this #bitcoin node ATM and 4 @Opendime 👀
One great package to set you up for Sovereignty
A Node and great Cold Storage.

Ordering more now!

Damn. We are going to have to start an affiliate with them soon LOL

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Just do it, let’s make #Bitcoin adoption happen faster. It will be better for everyone.

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@BitAcadie @nvk per American Banker: “Saule Omarova, a law professor at Cornell University and former Treasury Department official, was named by the White House in September as its pick to lead the national bank regulator. “ .. apparently she’s also a Soviet educated marxist.

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If you are shilling to noobs these are the first two books. That's it. Plain and simple. One explains what is coming and one explains understanding this lifeline #Bitcoin

These are the doors.
Jeff Booth. Kiarra Bickers

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The First Amendment's guarantee of a "free press" doesn't apply to a small, cloistered, credentialed, privileged group licensed as "journalists." It protects an activity that *every citizen* has the right to engage in without reprisals or punishments.

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