Even CTV says it's time for Trudeau to show some evidence to justify declaring martial law on law peaceful Canadians.


Email the Minister of Transport,

Omar Alghabra, demanding an end to discriminatory Travel Mandates (which have dropped globally):



On a planté les dans la moitié de droite et les a gauche.
Pour le sol nous avons mélanger de la tourbe, perlite et du fumier avec le sol existant qui etait dur come de la roche.

James Topp is marching across Canada for our freedoms.
Please take the time to send letters to your elected representatives.
Thank you!

World wide rally for freedom tomorrow!
In Calgary it will be at the courthouse park at 1pm.
See you there, I'll be under the big canada flag making honk honk sounds.

Quick and simple, no holes in my new garage roof, starlink mount.

Beveled one edge of each short 2x4 to match the roof angle.
Attached the starlink base with 1/4" lag bolts to the beveled 2x4.
Added Soapstone blocks for weight might add a few more just to be sure.

Looking at different options for a permanent roof mount on the house.

We had a greenhouse in this corner but took it apart because the plastic covering was falling apart.
We need to invest in some twin wall polycarbonate, but not this spring.
So we planted some onions in the first half and covered with a nice layer of wood chips.

First row of this year's garden is chives again.
I double dug half the row with the fork and pulled out all the weeds.
We then split up one big bunch of chives into half the row and pulled out all the weeds.
We then add a layer of old wood chips to slow down the weeds. We will add a few loads of fresh wood chips after the rest of the garden is planted.
Chives are perennials so they keep coming back every spring.
This started as 2 small bunch we got for free on kijiji a few years ago.

Here's James Topp's latest update.

Change in Scenery. We are 10 kms from the border. Tomorrow (May9) we will cross into Ontario

The crowd in Calgary is energetic and still fighting. We are not stoping until all mandates are lifted across Canada, honk honk.

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