We The Fringe (@DaleFourTrump): "After Tamara Lich's powerhouse acceptance speech for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms' (JCCF) gala George Jonas Freedom Award Thursday, the iconic Rex Murphy playfully lamented having to follow the speech that "wiped out the room and probably half of Ontario."" | nitter

Did you send your letters to your elected representatives?

James Topp to meet MPs, shames “total corporate media blackout” on his march | True North

The CEO of Westjet just realized after firing more non-compliying employees!

Alexis von Hoensbroech (@AHoensbroech): "Vaccine mandate for air travellers and employees needs to be dropped. As vaccines are not preventing the spreading of the virus since , there is no more logic to maintain it. This will also relax some of the operational challenges at the airports beta.ctvnews.ca/national/coron"

Chris Carbert, 44, Anthony Olienick, 39, Jerry Morin, 40, and Christopher Lysak, 48

Bail denied after 3 months in prison with zero evidence presented to support RCMP claims of conspiracy to murder their officers.

The reasoning for the judge’s ruling is being withheld due to a publication ban.

Alberta’s courts are as corrupted as Jason Kenney.

Judge denies bail for protester charged in southern Alberta border blockade | CBC News


Email the Minister of Transport,

Omar Alghabra, demanding an end to discriminatory Travel Mandates (which have dropped globally):



James Topp is marching across Canada for our freedoms.
Please take the time to send letters to your elected representatives.
Thank you!

World wide rally for freedom tomorrow!
In Calgary it will be at the courthouse park at 1pm.
See you there, I'll be under the big canada flag making honk honk sounds.

Please support Logan.
He's been taking awesome pictures of our fight for freedom in Canada.
It's his birthday today so if you buy anytime until May 25th you will get a signed copy.

Canada Freedom Movement 2020-2022 Photobook — Logan Murphy

Jury Selections Proof of Vaccination
May 16, 2022

Effective May 19, 2022, individuals who have received a summons to attend for jury selection at the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta will no longer be required to produce an Alberta-issued COVID-19 vaccine record.

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Trucking For Freedom

For thirty-three days, the world watched. Crossing ten provinces and three territories, thousands of trucks traversed the highways and by-ways of Canada’s northern climes in this exclusive docuseries offering an immersive look into an extraordinary moment in Canadian history. The Chronicle Brothers embedded themselves within the Canadian Trucker Convoy, capturing the unifying pulse of everyday people.

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