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Liblast is an open-source multiplayer FPS game project looking for contributors.

Are you passionate about FPS games? Are you flirting with libre game development? Do you want to join a hobbyist project and help create a unique, humorous game that'll hopefully become the best FOSS multiplayer shooter yet?

Join us!

We're looking for:

- An art lead
- GDScript programmers
- Blender 3D artists
- and more!

#Godot #GameDev #IndieGameDev #FOSS #Libre #OpenSource #Liblast

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They got us arguing about “science” when the issue is coercion.

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Basically you have to taxe everyone who's not Jesus Christ
MARTIN | Vaccine Tax

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When narrative dies.
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Mandatory Covid passes SCRAPPED in England from next Thursday.

👏 This is a HUGE victory for all those who have supported our campaign and fought against this dangerous authoritarianism.

✔️ Businesses now need to follow suit

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[RT @Bret_Sears]
OK guys, the coronavirus has hit hospitals so hard that Tim Hortons restaurants are now being used as ER overflow.

Oops, never mind, this is from 10 years ago...

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Trudeau en fait plus pour empêcher des camionneurs qui font un travail crucial pour l’économie canadienne de traverser la frontière qu’il n’a jamais fait pour arrêter les migrants illégaux.

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[RT @NormalGuy223]
If you're a Canadian and you're sick and tired of the Great Reset, how the hell could you not support @MaximeBernier and the PPC at this point?

It's a serious question.

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@parker @Hibou @MercurialBlack “You don’t scare me, you Timbits munching Hoosier bastard”

“Take him to Toronto.”

“No! No, God please anything but that! No!”

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Mandates (vaccine and masks)

It makes no sense to mandate a vaccine that kills more people than it saves.

If the vaccine works, you don’t need the mandate. If the vaccines don’t work, you don’t need a mandate.

If the masks work, you don’t need a mandate. If masks don’t work, you don’t need a mandate.

Mandating masks is nonsensical because all the randomized trials show they do nothing and there are 32 studies showing they are harmful.

@unfa Yea it's too bad, we can't comment or like video in newpipe, that's why I kept the YouTube app so I can still like your videos and watch everything without distraction on newpipe. Small inconvenience to switch app but The other nice thing about newpipe it can play in the background so its great for listening while doing other stuff too.

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