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My new coinjoin wallet is powered by nostr and built for a mobile-first world


#StackerNews is like Hacker News but it pays you #bitcoin

How The Canadian Government Is Guilty Of What They Accused The Convoy Of

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lied under oath during the Public Order Emergency Commission - YouTube

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You gamble because you're insecure and have no purpose.

You save because you believe in what you're doing.

Which path will you choose?

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😂 People reporting me when I operate a single-user instance.

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Must admit, podcasting is a lot of work. But having a lot of fun!

Panels we are staring to work on for Bitcoin.Review podcast

Community building
Chain Analysis
Bitcoin in Africa
Amateur Radio
Bitcoin in War Zones
Wallet Monetization
Responsible Disclosures
SW licenses

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Checkout the other 11 episodes here we are also on Podcast 2.0 platforms for Value 4 Value ad Free.

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@martybent points out "Why should companies be paying all of this money if these companies can't even identify a $10B+ fraud."

We know what the answer is though, the chain surveillance companies are a fuckin' LARP

They signal to regulators that they (the surveillance firms) will ATTEMPT to be the gatekeepers for permissionless distributed tech. Call them out often, and remember they are YOUR ENEMY.

Route around them

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Freeland is open to all sorts of ironic interpretation when she says Polish Solidarity differed from the Convoy in that THOSE Polish people were protesting an illegitimate government.

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RT @PrestonPysh
Wonder how a guy could steal billions in customer funds (admit it) and then still be chillin' on the penthouse deck today with his parents. Here's an interesting read that might provide some.... unexpected clues.
Get comfortable...

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RT @francispouliot_
Bitcoin will emerge as the universal standard of money via "natural selection". My contention is that prolonging this process causes useless collateral dammage. Shitcoins and fiat will die regardless of Maximalism. But we can make it happen faster and mitigate collateral dammage.

Live now on WARCAMPAIGN Shawn Folkes eye witness to the nazi flag


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