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Can you believe in "new normal" Canada asking for some basic human rights and freedom gets you labeled a extremist.

In the old normal Canada we had a Charter of rights and freedom.
In the old normal Canada we had freedom of conscience.
In the old normal Canada we had security of the person.
In the old normal Canada we had freedom of travel.
In the old normal Canada we had freedom of speech.
In the old normal Canada it was illegal to coerce anyone to take a medical product.

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On May 2nd, Pfizer dumped another 80,000 documents. Pfizer and the FDA fought hard in court to hide these documents; now we know why. They show a clear picture that mRNA shots would cause considerable harm to patients. The documents show, without a doubt, criminal intent to harm.

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I'm buying a half a cow.
Farmer asked for a check to reduce fees. I don't have checks and I asked him if I could pay in bitcoin.
He instantly sent me a btc address.

This is amazing & so cool!

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PSA: Intellectual consistency is important if you expect people to take you seriously...

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Out of 46K participants in the Pfizer trial study 42K had adverse effects & 1200 died & they told NO ONE!!! Too late now isn't it??!!

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Tor v0.4.7.7: the first stable Tor release with support for congestion control

- eliminates the speed limit of Tor
- reduces latency by minimizing relay queue lengths
- significant performance improvement
- increased utilization of network capacity

If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these symptoms, you can try:

- touching grass
- lifting weights
- not being a little bitch
- walking in the woods
- breathing fresh air
- giving someone a hug
- soaking up some sunlight
- turning off state media

Have a good day everyone!

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PIMR is a serious condition that many Canadians now struggle with everyday.

More than 50% of the population of this country is currently struggling with some form of PIMR.

Symptoms of PIMR include irrational fear of indoor public spaces or being near unvaccinated people, wearing a mask, experiencing excitement over getting 5th vaccine, and many, many other irrational anxieties brought on by government propaganda.

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Talk to your friends and family about Propaganda Induced Mental Retardation today.

If you’re 12 years of age plus 4 months, or older, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated in order to board:

domestic or international flights departing from most airports in Canada, including charter and foreign airlines carrying commercial passengers

•VIA Rail, AMTRAK, White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad (WP&YR), and Rocky Mountaineer trains

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Whoa there! Did you get this statement checked and authorized for newspeak, ill have to run this by ingsoc first mate.
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Good shit

The first flaring error that he points out is the assumption that unvaccinated people only have 20% baseline immunity. Sourcing a robust, peer-reviewed paper, Bridle notes that a more evidence-based number would be in the ~90+% range. For arguments sake, he changed this one assumption in the model to a more practical number and “it flips the entire thing on its head.”

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Accept Lightning in WordPress shop (LNBits plugin)


#StackerNews is like Hacker News but it pays you #bitcoin

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