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Welcome to @Mastodon and the #fediverse! Are you aware of the rights you should have over software?

You should be allowed to:

• Use a program for any purpose - without any restrictions on place and time 🌍

• Understand the full code – and know exactly what it does 🔍

• Share and copy the program – developers can collaborate and share publicly their improvements 🎁

• Improve the code – e.g. for personal or local needs 📝 (1/4)

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Brendan Miller Cross- Examines the Department of Finance for The Government of Canada

One of the people who Joe Biden should thank for becoming president is a 28-year-old cryptocurrency zealot who sleeps on an office beanbag chair most nights, believes businesses focus too much on social responsibility, and has, seemingly out of nowhere, become worth $10 billion.

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JUST IN - Alameda was exempt from being liquidated when trading on FTX, court filing shows

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Kevin O'Leary was a paid spokesperson for #FTX.

The entire edifice is crumbling.

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RT @namcios
1/ Why withdraw #bitcoin from exchanges?

Based on the replies to my self custody tutorial thread, it seems a lot of people don’t yet understand *why* to withdraw.

Time for another 🧵

(with links to great tutorials)

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MARCH OF THE EAST COAST POTATO BOYS - Fife And Fiddle Orchestra (FAFO) - East Coast Potato Brigade

Burke is my Bud The Spud.

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In your Prudence, stack
In your Fortitude, hold
In your Temperance, self-custody
In your Justice, condemn scams
In your Faith, learn
In your Love, teach
In your Hope, build

Practice these virtues.


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FUN FACT: BlockFi CEO last year bet 2 #Bitcoin that the company would be "perfectly operational for clients" through the next 10 years.

It took only 1 year to lose the bet.

The Federal Government Tried To Deploy The Canadian Armed Forces

Here is another bombshell cross examination with the Government of Alberta’s commission a lot more has come uncovered.

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