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Calgary’s city hall bans only conservative protests. Who will stop them? (FREE EPISODE)

BREAKING: Calgary passes bylaw that requires ‘hateful’ protesters stay 100 meters from facilities - The Counter Signal

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NEW From: Coin Stories

Things are Breaking with Greg Foss: 21 Min on Bitcoin, Markets, Mining and Insurance on Fiat Ponzi

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Dutch Farmer Rebellion rises again to protest radical government emissions policies

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RC - Ruckus

"Ruckus" by RC The Rapper
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Special thanks to the Freedom Riders

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Ontario provided details on the 1,417 patients who died while waiting for surgery in 2021-22: 42% were for cataract surgery, 10% urologic, 8% knee surgery and 7% cancer – click here.

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6 Manitobans died while waiting for cardiac surgery from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (4 died after waiting longer than the recommended time period)

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Updated data brings the total number of waiting list deaths last year to 14,057. New data includes:

48 Albertans died while waiting for surgery and 79 died waiting for a diagnostic scan. Unlike previous years, the types of surgeries were not disclosed.

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But they said they had to restrict our freedoms to save lifes.

Updated Figures: Died on a Waiting List - SecondStreet.Org

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Calgary Man Publicly Assaulted by LGBTQ+ Activist | Police Do Nothing

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